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Why SDL Pharma ?

We have developed a robust pharmacy management system called SDL Pharma. It can be used with hospital and individual as a model pharmacy.There are some pharmacy options connecting hospitals.
Single pharmacy and multiple location-based pharmacy. For example : OPD pharmacy, IPD pharmacy and General Store for procurement. In a large hospital there may use any spot or requisition based purchase, and then stock transfer into OPD, IPD, OT related pharmacy locations. For IPD There may full return facilities from patients. In medium level hospitals, they may have a single pharmacy, having sales and purchase facilities both.
There may 3 types of sales as IPD credit or due sales, OPD cash and due sales and others day Id based cash sales. There may some return facilities from customers. We have a pharmacy management for individuals as non-connected to hospitals. In model pharmacy or other can use it.

Features at a glance

Customizable software & Generates Reports

The software is easily customizable and is also capable of generating various reports. Medicine Purchase Request & Order: It is to manage the purchase requests and orders.

Requests received for the medicines

Drug issue to a customer & Billing. This is to maintain the record of drugs issued to patients, and also the billing that took place during the day/month/year.

Physical stock verification & adjustment

This module is responsible to verify, the physical stock and the decision, regarding adjustment (if required) that can take place.

Supplier & Manufacturer information

It is again vital as this keeps a record of the supplier/manufacturer information from whom you buy the medicines/who is responsible for the manufacturing of those medicines. Reports about stock -in-Hand & complete details of Medicine. It gives the information of the stock that is in-hand with entire medicine details.

Automatic Reorder Level/Minimum Stock Setting

There is a module in the system of minimum stock setting, so that can be activated by mentioning a minimum stack and Automatic reorder level refers to the quantity threshold at which your software will automatically a new order for stock.

Maintenance of Medicine Stock

Future decisions can easily be taken based on this, by maintaining the medicine stock as this way you know when the stock needs to be updated.

Return all items nearing Expiry

There is a record of items meaning the expiry date, So this way they can be returned on time.

Destruction of Expired Items

It is again vital to have the information of expired items that need to be destructed so that the process can be held timely.

Daily Stock Position

Stock information of any previous day as opening, purchase, sales, return will contain for every product.

We Offer Different Types of Report

  • Date base sales and purchase reports
  • Date base profit and loss reports
  • Date base stock position
  • Company/manufacturer wise product stock list
  • Category ( tab, cap )/ therapeutic wise stock list
  • Purchase return statements
  • Sales return statements
  • Nearly expire medicine list
  • Slow moving items
  • Fast moving items
  • User wise sales reports
  • Manufacturers wise item list
  • All invoice reports
  • All requisitions reports
  • All requisitions approval reports
  • DataBase requisitions and PO status reports
  • Vendor payment history
  • Daily / monthly expense reports
  • Credit / due sales reports
  • Products wise transaction history/ledger
  • Customer / patient wise sales & return statements
  • Expired medicine stock out reports
  • Demand base custom reports